India Against Land Exploitation – Call Your MP – Day IV

07 Mar


CallYourMpPoster ReportCardFeb26th

Chaudhary,Shri Babulal MP2:

MP2: There is some opposition to the ordinance, i think the wrong message is being sent

Me: So you think, the ordinance to amend the law, was a good decision

MP2: I don’t think so, but all these things can’t be discussed over phone

Me: Sir, just say one thing, why you think otherwise?

MP2: hangs up

Chaudhary,Shri MP6:

MP6: (After the who are you, why are you calling, where are you from) How did you get my number?

Me: Sir, its on the Loksabha website

MP6: Why did you choose me?

Me: Sir, i’ve been calling MP’s about this ordinance and you were next on the list

MP6: Ok, so here is my take. I believe the ordinance was necessary. The 70% or 80% compensation would mean no acquisition can happen. Moreover the compensation of the land has been fixed @ 4 times the market price (it should…

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