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India Against Land Exploitation – Call Your MP – Day IV


CallYourMpPoster ReportCardFeb26th

Chaudhary,Shri Babulal MP2:

MP2: There is some opposition to the ordinance, i think the wrong message is being sent

Me: So you think, the ordinance to amend the law, was a good decision

MP2: I don’t think so, but all these things can’t be discussed over phone

Me: Sir, just say one thing, why you think otherwise?

MP2: hangs up

Chaudhary,Shri MP6:

MP6: (After the who are you, why are you calling, where are you from) How did you get my number?

Me: Sir, its on the Loksabha website

MP6: Why did you choose me?

Me: Sir, i’ve been calling MP’s about this ordinance and you were next on the list

MP6: Ok, so here is my take. I believe the ordinance was necessary. The 70% or 80% compensation would mean no acquisition can happen. Moreover the compensation of the land has been fixed @ 4 times the market price (it should…

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Indian farmer league hits a century


I never understood why anyone batting (referring to cricket) in their 90’s be so nervous? After all if they got to the 90, it’s just a matter of adding another 10? What is it in the 90’s, that takes away their ability to be their natural self? Why are the 90’s called the nervous 90’s?

Well, this past week, I understood why? No, not because I was batting in the 90’s, but it was because of the Indian Farmer League which got to the 90 donors. It got to the nervous 90’s sometime last week and ever since I have been anything but calm. I kept checking my email for any notifications of a new donation – early in the morning, late in the night, when I was around my kids and my wife and when I was alone commuting to work, I would constantly think about reaching the elusive…

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India Against Land Exploitation – Call Your MP – Day III


  • Dr Sanjeev Balan: MP1 – Spoke to the PA and left a message
  • Anju Bala: MP2 – Number not reachable
  • Basonde Maruti: MP3 – No answer
  • Shri Bodh Singh: MP4 – No answer
  • Bhaleram Dharambir: MP5
    • Me: Sir, what is your view of the ordinance to amend the land acquisition act
    • MP5: See there are couple of things
      • 4 times the land value same as the UPA govt.
      • If its a public sector undertaking and if there are any issues for e.g loans etc, how can the land be returned in the 5 years.
    • Me: What if this land is private undertaking such as hospitals etc
    • MP5: This clause is only applicable for the public projects
    • MP5: Lastly, most of the CM’s of the states have opposed the land acquisition bill
    • Me: Sir, you listened to all the CM’s and acted on, but no one listened to the farmers
    • MP5: Hung…

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Looking for farmers – An ad


FarmerAdGetting worried about the farming crisis, an elected official (elected officials don’t usually worry about this) was asking the assistant how they can get more people to adopt farming.

The assistant simply said – we can create an advertisement in all
leading news papers in all local languages. The official agreed it’s a good idea and asked the assistant to prepare the ad. When the assistant was done with the ad the official understood why the farming situation is turning into a crisis but not an opportunity.

And the ad goes

Looking for a hard working individual who
Should be willing to toil hard in the sun, get drenched in the rain
Should work 7 days a week
Should be prepared to just eat once a day
Should be enterprising and innovative
Should have the following management skills
–> seed management
–> soil management
–> crop management
–> pest…

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When a farmer commits suicide for Rs 3681


Average debt of farmers who committed suicide between 2001 to 2006 in the Washim district of the Vidarbha RegionAverage IndebtednessWhy would the farmers need to commit suicide. They can borrow the money from the banks. Ok, so lets look at how the loans work. A NABARD loan @ 5.75% becomes 11.75% by the time it gets to the farmers?NABARD loansOk, but why borrow money from money lenders, who charge even higher interest rates?WhyMoneyLenders As evident from the above demand and supply, there is a gap of 72.45 crores, which is where the money lenders come in. The source of the above information is a report published in 2006 by the planning commission which undertook a detailed analysis of suicide in Vidarbha region. The situation hasn’t changed much since the number of suicides in Vidarbha region are still very high, in fact, one of the highest in the country. Levels of distress of farmers…

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Its now time for IndiasSon


The below details are as horrific and as disturbing as the rape offenders statements in the banned documentary “IndiasDaughter”. Its time to look at the real problem – IndiasSon

Its not like the govt. isn’t doing anything. It created more awareness about this issue by banning the documentary, a very cost effective way of creating awareness and also by providing various reports to gather the statistics.

  1. There was an 873.3% increase from 2487 in 1971 to 24,206 in 2011
  2. In 84–89% of the rape cases in the years 2002–04, the victim knew the offenders.
  3. In 9% cases, the offender was the father, family member, or close relative, highlighting the prevalence of incestuous and child sexual abuse.
  4. Despite the high incidence of VAW, reporting is rare and conviction rates for reported cases, abysmally low; conviction rate for cruelty by husband was 19.2% and 25.5% each for dowry and rape.
  5. Children’s vulnerability to physical abuse…

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The Miscalculated Economics in the budget 15-16..


The Finance minister on Saturday tables the budget for FY 15-16.
While the world economies eye upon the budget expecting enormous big bang reforms, the budget only makes an incremental approach towards bringing the economy back on growth track. The FM delivers the budget admists the challenges the country faces, largely being fiscal account deficit, growing investor dissatisfaction (among various other challenges).

Thus, the FM doesnot enjoy much room to leverage the growth of the economy while managing the fiscal account deficit, inflation (among other challenges).

However, the efforts made through the budget indicate a variety of measures, some furthering the economy on the growth path, and few others – ‘the major ones’, contradicting economic growth it self.

While the single window facilitation would ease the conduct of business in India, the coupling of growth with such measures goes for a toss due to miscalculated economics.

This budget idealises…

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