PM’s bazaaru jibe at media in Delhi

07 Feb


By Rifat Jawaid

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So India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was once again addressing an election rally in Delhi yesterday. And once again the rival party namely Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP and the country’s media was under scathing attack from a visibly desperate PM rattled by a series of unfavourable poll surveys for Delhi elections.

He reportedly called channels carrying opinion polls that gave majority to AAP ‘bazaaru,’ a term we’ve all grown up seeing used for those soliciting money for sexual favours. In other words prostitutes.

Addressing media as prostitutes is nothing new. Social media users belonging to almost every political party have been using this terminology for the members of my fraternity. It’s usually the most effective way to express outrage towards a perceived twisting of facts to suit a rival political party by a channel, publication or other news platform.

But average social media users…

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