Phone conversation with SHO Kukanar

01 Dec


This is a conversation with SHO Kukanar, Prakash Rathore – in relation to the villagers getting beaten up by the security forces. This took place in Chhote Tongpal and Jangampal villages on Nov 26th.

How did i know about this?
Saw it on twitter about this incident.

/////////// Beginning of conversation ////////

SHO: Who are you?
Me: I’m calling from New Jersey, US. I’m calling regarding the Nov 26th incident where villagers were beaten up and i’m calling to request you to file an FIR

SHO: There is an enquiry into this and that needs to be completed.
Me: How long would this enquiry take?

SHO: As you know this is a Naxal prone area and we cant simply go into the villages to conduct the inquiry, we need security. So these things take time. And even senior officers are looking into this matter

SHO: How did you get my…

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