Mr Acche Din : A Chronic Traveller from Ancient Bharat

21 Nov

The world famous chronic Traveler, a PR expert, a Photoshop pundit and a U-turn Guru, Mr Acche Din, the Prachar Mantri from Ancient Bharat is on a five day visit to Modern India. This visit is seen as an attempt to strengthen the bilateral ties between scientifically advanced Ancient Bharat and Modern India, the country of Mouse Charmers.

India’s external affairs minister rushed to Airport and received Mr Acche Din in a grand welcome. She ensured that the red carpet was longer than the one laid for him in United States of Atrocities.  Mr Acche Din arrived in a private jet owned by “Adnani” group. Hundreds of Mouse Charmers, Photoshop experts, Plastic Surgeons, Aviation experts, Singers, Cheerleader journalists like Mr Rahul Kamal from Paid Modia, the famous Salwar Kameez Baba with his Z security and few other known and unknown faces were eagerly waiting outside Airport to greet Mr Acche Din. They were humming the song “Mera PR ghar aaya O baba ji… Mera PR ghar aaya O Baba ji”. Many people were carrying gunny bags expecting Mr Acche Din to bring shipment of Black Money. It was a huge disappointment to the mouse Charmers when they realized that their guest came empty handed.

Mr Acche Din climbed onto the rotating stage arranged outside Airport to address the crowds. He thanked the crowds for their affection and enlightened them about “how a PR expert is visiting India for the first time in 2000 years”. He moved his hands in various directions and changed his attire atleast 3 times before closing the ceremony. There was one technical glitch though: a 3-D hologram of Mr Acche Din suddenly appeared out of nowhere on the stage and started speaking in some strange language. Later it was clarified that the 3D hologram was intended for his forthcoming election campaigns.

Later Mr Acche Din went to the official residence of Indian PM, the 7 RCR. He instructed his driver to be careful while driving to avoid any puppies from being crushed underneath his car. After reaching the residence of Indian PM, Mr Acche Din grabbed a broom and cleaned the entire house as the house has become “Aswacch” since May 16 this year. This was the beginning of his PR excercises in India.

Around 3 PM, Mr Acche Din had a closed room discussion with the renowned Snooping Expert and Fake Encounter Specialist Mr Namit Shaw and discussed strategies for future collaboration on snooping. These snoopings are carried out on grown up women whose fathers request for snooping to protect these women. This meeting was also attended by prominent Intelligence Agencies and snooping experts.

Post this meeting, he had to attend the documentary releasing program. A renowned film maker from Nagpur had made a documentary titled “Snooping Saheb and his Rogue’s Gallery”. This documentary had an uncanny resemblance to “Ali Baba, 40 Chor”. On the sidelines of this program, Mr Acche Din launched a Traveler’s blog written by a renowned Half-Writer from India, Mr Achetan Bhakt.

Mr Acche Din was also invited for a book Reading and Review session arranged by Photoshop specialists from Nadiad. Mr Acche Din reviewed his favorite book “Around the world in 80 days” and read few paragraphs for the audience. One of the most interesting dialogue of Protagonist from the book was “May the Phorse be with you”.

That was end of day 1.

The next two days, Mr Acche Din campaigned in the state of Jammu and Kashmir for the forth coming elections. This campaign was crucial for Mr Acche Din as he would be re-uniting with his lost and found brother and the famous ex-Separatist, Mr Sajid Lone Ranger. Mr Acche Din interacted with the paid crowds in the rallies and promised them a separate Kashmir within Akhand Bharat. The famous troll army from Gujarat used the hashtag “#Acchedinaagaye” on social media to celebrate the visit of Mr Acche Din. This trend silenced the anti-nationals who have been asking “Acche Din Kab Aayenge?”.

The fourth day was very crucial as he would be meeting his master and Remote Control, the famous Mukesh Bhai. Mr Acche Din was invited by Mukesh bhai for the inauguration of their “College of Crony Capitalism”. Post inauguration,  there was a one-way press Conference where only Mr Acche Din spoke to the cheerleader journalists. The journalists were dumbstruck with his lies and fancy oratory that they could not ask a single question.

On his last day, Mr Acche Din was summoned by Justice Ornab to attend his program of cacophony “The Nation Doesnt Want To Know” where only Justice Ornab is allowed to speak. Justice Ornab wanted to ask few questions that were raised by anti-national Indians. Justice Ornab did not allow Mr Acche Din to utter even a single word and unleashed his list of questions –
1. When will the black money come back to India? Where are my 15 lakhs that you promised?
2. When will you start governing the nation? Why do we have so many criminals in Cabinet?
3. Where is Nihal Chand? Why is he not appearing in Court?
4. When will the government arrest the Italian Mafia Family and leaders from previous government who were neck deep in corruption?
5. Why is Maharashtra government in bed with Naturally Corrupt Party?
6. How many big ticket reforms have been initiated by government in last 6 months?
7. Why did Salwar Kameez Baba get Z security? Why should tax payers pay for the security of a tax evader?
8. Who pushed the public Sector bank to give a loan of 6000 crores to Adnani?
9. Why did Haryana Government take 7 days to smoke out a terrorist from his den?
10. Why is the PM silent on Chattisgarh deaths, hate speeches by Rogis, fall of rupee,fake degrees etc?

Mr Acche Din was shocked by the list of questions unleashed by Justice Ornab. He asked for a glass of water then said “Dosti bani rahe, Ornab” and walked out of the justice Ornab’s Courtroom.

Mr Acche Din headed straight to the Airport and boarded the private jet of Adnani. He will be visiting Nepal and couple of other countries before visiting India again. Until then, Indians will be without a Prime Minister.

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