Jayalalithaa and Me

03 Nov

Vasu Primlani

A few weeks. That’s all that separates Jayalalithaa and me. Venue: the Bangalore Central Jail. I was arrested and imprisoned in the same jail as Jayalalithaa. But for a few weeks, we could have been in the same jail, perhaps sharing a cell. And we’re both out on bail. And that’s where the similarity ends.

Something is dreadfully wrong with both these pictures. Jayalalithaa’s trial lasted for eight years (why so long?). Her incarceration lasted for 21 days (why so short?). Oh we have answers to both, but I am asking why? Is this the legal system that serves us?

Take my case. A Lookout notice for me at all international airports in India. Detained, put in remand, arrested, and imprisoned in the Bangalore jail. Why? There is a case against me. With no evidence, but a case. Anyone in India can open their mouth and accuse me of…

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Posted by on November 3, 2014 in My Success Stories


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