The disaster called disaster management

17 Oct


We are able to use the satellite images, study the weather patterns, analyze the data and accurately predict the exact location of the cyclone HudHud’s landfall. But we are not able to manage the disaster recovery and relief efforts on the ground.

While our weather departments have done exceedingly well, our disaster management departments haven’t.

The Current day disaster management:
1)Victims are often ill treated and exploited.
2)Disasters are often sought as money making opportunities.
3)Safety and sanitation are not focussed upon.
4)Compensation to the victims is never a priority, in most of the cases it becomes a never ending fight.
5)The list is long but this is no time to find fault but rather try and focus on what could be done.

I’m no disaster management expert but I learnt a thing or two from my multiple volunteering efforts at the sandy storm relief and recovery. May be…

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