my idea for a manifesto

15 Apr


This is merely an attempt to highlight what I learnt over many years of volunteering. While i’m still learning and trying to understand the complex nature of these issues, my idea of what should be included in a manifesto is implementing a few simple things in each one of the areas below.

Citizen Empowerment: The citizens must be empowered to not only solve their own problems/issues but also empowered to make their elected leaders accountable and deliver on their manifesto (wherever applicable – not all promises on manifesto are deliverable)

  • Promote Right to Information act, encourage RTI and help strengthen RTI
    • political parties should be brought under RTI
  • Citizen charters & Grievance redressal system
  • Whistleblower protection act
  • Involve citizens in decision making process
  • Make elected representatives accountable
    • candidates to publish their report cards every 1 year and give access to citizens to questions/suggestions etc
  • Bring elected officials under the purview of…

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Posted by on April 15, 2014 in My Success Stories


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