The past, the present and Future

05 Apr

The Cobrapost Sting has brought back the debate on “Babri Demolition” to the dining table discussions once again. There is nothing new in the sting. It shows everything thats already in the public domain. Its just that it gives a more detailed insight into the conspiracy and involvement of BJP/RSS. It reiterates the fact that BJP and RSS were neck deep in the conspiracy.

The timing of the sting is definitely to influence the voters in this election of 2014. Whether the sting is a sinister plan by congress to polarize muslim votes or a plan by BJP to polarize Hindu votes can be debated forever, but the truth will never come out.  Or may be another sting on Cobrapost reporters after 20 years may reveal the truth.

The conspiracy for legitimacy:
Every year 6th of December is mourned as a black day in  India by muslims. And those who were responsible for its demolition and those who feel that the heinous act was legitimate celebrate the fateful day as “Shaurya Divas”.

While thousands of innocents were butchered in the mayhem that followed the barbaric act, another bunch of thousands were left with tragic memories of personal losses and a shattered life.

Whether RSS used this demolition as a foundation stone to legitimize its political front called BJP or whether the Congress allowed this barbarism to create a scare-crow forever for millions of minorities in India, is still a debatable question. The perpetrators legitimized the demolition as an answer to the 1000 years of muslim rule on India and demolition of a huge number of temples by those rulers. As per them, the vengeance was finally served. BJP used the demolition as a launching pad for itself and declared self as a tacit voice of the right wingers.

What has changed in 20 years?
Forget about the construction of temple on disputed site, 20 years on, the justice is still pending for the innocents who suffered personal losses.

But, the world has moved on. And a majority of India has moved on. Those who are stuck in the whirlpool created by the communal politics refuse to accept the fact that the demolition was never an outcome of a religious dispute. On the contrary, It was always a plot by the right wing RSS to legitimize their own political identity and survive in a fast changing world.

Whats wrong with us, the muslims?
We have become the most intolerant community in this country (or may be entire world). We are provoked by every idiot who tries to mock our prophet and mock our belief system via malafide books or cartoons. We are on streets for the slightest provocation. We vandalize properties in dissent.  We blindly believe politicians who provoke us.

What should we do?
I believe that we, the Indian Muslims, should move on and shift our focus to the core issues that are plaguing our nation.  Quality Education, Food, Employment and  shelter still remain a distant dream for millions of Indians, thanks to our stupidity and faith in our politicians.

Its time to stop being stupid. Its time to stop being taken for granted by politicians. Its time to stop being intolerant. Its time to shift focus to our core problems.

Let them build whatever they want at the disputed site. Let the Almighty Allah stay in our hearts, not in the mosque. Let us become more pious and more peaceful. Lets put the peace in “Islam”(how did we forget that the very word islam is derived from peace?) into practice. Lets become more compassionate towards others. Lets focus on employment and economic empowerment. Lets stop being an anchor to our fast moving nation. Lets ensure that our focus shifts to “Education-Employment-Empowerment”.

What we need to realize:
The majority of Hindus & the majority of Muslims & the majority of every community in this country is not communal. The sane Hindu majority of this country will continue to protect its minorities come what may. A handful of Communal politicians who feed on innocence of people cannot change that fact. Look around, you will be surprised.

Lets shift our gears and lets join the mainstream. Its time to shun the apprehensions.We cannot go back into past and change what has happened. But we can definitely change our future. Lets bury the past, strengthen our present and secure our future. Its time for peace and prosperity.

Jai Hind.

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    April 6, 2014 at 5:27 am

    A great piece of work by Ali bhai………..I recommend every muslim to read this writeup


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