Bringing Political Parties under RTI ambit

25 Mar

What happened so far:

As you know the Central Information Commission (CIC ) passed  an order on the 3rd June 2013 (Ref: , which brings your parties (INC, BJP, BSP, NCP, CPI, CPI(M)) under the purview of the RTI Act. Even though the UPA Government rather hastily tabled an Amendment Bill to keep the parties out of the ambit of RTI during the Monsoon Session last year, it was forced to send the Bill to the Parliamentary Standing Committee for further deliberation after massive public pressure. That is you and I.

That Bill has since then lapsed with the dissolution of the 15th Lok Sabha.

It has been several months now. None of the parties have taken the initiative of appointing a Public Information Officer (PIO) to comply with the CIC’s orders. Furthermore, the parties chose to ignore the CIC notice on 7th February 2014 to comply with the order within four weeks.  That deadline is over. Yet, no action has been taken.

Apart from a gross contempt of a quasi-judicial body, it is a violation of the Fundamental Right to Know of the Citizens of India.

While all the party heads reaffirm their commitment in their numerous election speeches to transparency, accountability and anti-corruption, those are just empty, hollow words.

What we demand as Citizens:

If the parties are really serious about the above values that they propound, then we demand that they walk the talk.

We demand them to appoint PIOs and Appellate authorities for the parties at the central and State levels. We demand that they respect the sanctity of institutions such as the CIC and adhere to its directives.

As citizens of India, our Right to Know is supreme and we shall defend it.

What can you do as a Citizen of India:

Here are few things you can do to take action and hold the parties to account:

  1.      Sign and share this petition to the Presidents of 6 national parties that come under the ambit of RTI
  •   Link to the petition:
  •   Share this petition on Facebook & Twitter and ask your friends to sign this
  1.      Call the Party Presidents. remind them of their obligation to follow the CIC’s orders. Their contact numbers:
  1.      Call your MP. Ask them to put pressure on their party heads to Appoint PIOs at the earliest before the election. Tell them you are watching during the election season.
  1.      Tweet to your MP. As it is the election season, most of them have got on to twitter. Its time to make your voice heard.
  1.      Call the Chief Information Commissioner, Mrs. Sushma Singh. Ask her to organise a hearing soon before the elections and impose strict directives for the parties to comply with the CIC order.
  •   Her contact numbers are: (011) 26717355; 26180512
  1.      Ask your friends to join this campaign and make the political parties accountable.

 This election season, let’s make our voice count.

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