Birds Migration during elections

25 Mar

**** Birds Migration during elections *****

Bird migration is a regular seasonal movement of birds, driven primarily by availability of food. Taking a cue from birds, politicians in India have historically migrated from “sinking ship” to “Safe harbor” or vice-versa right before election.

So technically, if you vote for these candidates just because they are in a particular party, you are voting for the same old politicians who will indulge the same old politics.

Here are few reasons why politicians are jumping ships:

1. They did not get a ticket to contest the election
2. They were offered a huge amount of money by the other side (Horse-trading)
3. To save themselves from any possible probe under new regime
4. They want to be on the winning side. The quitting leaders have a strong desire to come into power and be with the rising star
5. They want to ride on the momentum/wave and win the election
6. They got a ticket but are unsure of winning as its not a safe seat

Here are few classic cases of recent bird, sorry political migrations in India from Congress to BJP:
1. Satpal Maharaj – The senior Congress leader who has huge following in hilly area (Uttarakhand) has recently resigned from the Congress and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He is a sitting member of parliament from the Pauri Lok Sabha constituency in Uttarakhand. Maharaj was really angry when he was bypassed to make Harish Rawat a chief minister. Even the Congress high command refused to accept his list of candidates in the Garhwal region.

2. Jasa Barad – He was the sitting MLA from Somnath constituency of Junagadh district. He left the Congress to join BJP. After joining BJP he said that Congress at present is in dormant state and India and BJP will surely grow under the leadership of Narendra Modi. Barad is also a president of the Gujarat Rajput Samaj. But before joining Congress he was associated with BJP. Earlier he left BJP in 1995 with Shankersinh Vaghela who afterward formed his own party known Rashtriya Janata Party. The party later merged with Congress.

3. D. Purandeswari – A former Union minister and daughter of famous actor-politician NTR quits Congress to join BJP. She left Congress over Telangana issue. She was unhappy the way the state has been bifurcated.

4. Jagdambika Pal – He was the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh for one day and now a part of BJP cadre. He wants to contest from Domariyaganj. It is the same constituency from which he won the seat when in Congress. He cited communication gap between new and old generation political leaders of the Congress party as his reason of leaving party.

5. Bavku Undhad – Congress MLA from Lathi assembly constituency of Amreli district who left Congress to join BJP. He said that he had no grievance with anyone in the Congress. He has joined BJP to fulfill the demand of people to see Narendra Modi as the next PM. Nearabout 80 supporters have joined BJP with him.

6. Rajendrasinh Chavda – Congress MLA from Himmatnagar in Sabarkantha district. The only reason he cited for his resignation from Congress is that he want to see Narendra Modi as a PM of the country. He said that Congress at present has nothing. Chavda moved to BJP with 1,500 party workers.

7. Suresh Kotadia, a son of former Union minister Manu Kotadia along with 80 Congress leaders left Congress and joined BJP. Kotadia called Congress a vision-less. Also the leaders of the party are involved in internal fights. Moreover the state is growing under the excellent leadership of Narendra Modi.

8. Vitthal Radadia and his son Jayesh Radadia resigned Congress to join BJP.

Another leader who left Congress are – former Deputy Chief Minister Narhari Amin, parliamentarian Vithal Radadiya and his son, Jayesh Radadiya.

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