True Colors of LSP and Janasena

22 Mar

The recent developments suggest that Loksatta will have a “strategic alliance amd tactical adjustment” (I donno how its different from any other alliance) with BJP in the coming elections. And the the new party of Pavan Kalyan will support Modi/BJP(PK met Modi and declared support).

These alliances expose the hollow rhetoric of these two parties and shows their true colors. While one party (LSP) is desperate to win an MP seat, the other party is supporting BJP for its survival.

The hollow claims of their stand of anti-corruptiin by JP & PK are just naked lies when we look at the fielding of criminals and riot-accused by BJP in the coming election and no opposition from either of these two parties to the same. The arguments given by JP are nothing but a mask to cover his opportunism and hunger for power.

The 7 page letter written by JP to his supporter is nothing but a play of words that needs to be applauded for its literary value and nothing else.  The highly dramatic speech by Pawak Kalyan at the launch meet (in Novotel) was just a Red Bull induced blabbering.

Few questions:
1. Will JP/PK question BJP about the criminals being fielded by BJP?
2. Will JP/PK ask BJP to appoint a PIO and make their funding transparent? (It should be noted that LSP was the first party to appoint a PIO as per my knowledge though its not funded by Govt)
3. Does this alliance mean JP/PK are fine with BJP’s involvement in various riots and Babri demolition? (Please dont say that nothing qas proved in court)
4. Will JP resign from his MP post (if he gets elected) if BJP comes to power and indulges in scams?
5. What is the guarantee that Modi will listen to JP when he doesnt even listen to his own Godfather Advani? (Did JP get any assurances from BJP in written)

I just observed 2 minutes of silence for all the self-less supporters of both the parties who were let down and cheated. The betrayal by JP & PK is a hard truth that they have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Note: if you want to comment on this post, please keep AAP out of the discussion. This post if about LSP and JS only. Lets not try to divert from the topic and get confused.

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One response to “True Colors of LSP and Janasena

  1. CatcherInPaidNewsRye (@phaedrus0)

    March 23, 2014 at 6:29 am

    As an AAP supporter, I often wonder if there is an ethical justification for LSP’s stand. Whereas I have difficulty agreeing that this is opportunism by JP since it is a well-known LSP stand to work with the winning party, I find this stand itself hard to digest.


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