Appraisal of Mohammed Azharuddin, MP Moradabad

19 Mar


1. Attendance: Azhar has 75% attendance in parliament against the national average of 76% and state average of 79%


2. Debates: Azhar participated in 2 debates of parliament in 5 years against National Avg of 37.9 and State Avg of 43.9


3. Questions: Azhar raised 5 questions in parliament in 5 years against the National Avg of 300 and State Avg of 254

4. Private Members’ Bills: Azhar did not introduce any private member bills compared to National Avg of 0.8 and State Avg of 0.4

5. MP LADs: Azhar was allotted a total of 19.06 crores in 5 years for the development of the constituency. Out of this, 14.76 crore of MP LAD fund was utilized (approximately 77.4%) and 4.72 crores was unspent balance.


The biggest benefit that he reaped as a politician was, he got the life ban lifted in 2012 after the HC of Andhra Pradesh held the BCCI action as ‘illegal’ and ‘unsustainable’. The cricket body had imposed the ban after a three-member committee had found him guilty of match-fixing charges.

Other details :
The people in the constituency have often declared him a “missing MP” and held campaigns against him.
People in Moradabad resorted to protest and even torched effigy of Mohammad Azharuddin for his alleged neglect of his constituency. They claim that Azhar has turned a Nelson’s eye towards their district Moradabad after winning the election.
in 2013, a local organisation, Moradabad Jagriti Manch, claimed that they had not seen Azhar for months. According to them Azhar has hardly visited Moradabad 6-7 times after winning MP election in 2009. People were on roads shouting slogans against Azhar. Later, they also torched his effigy. The protestors were claiming that it is hard to get an audience with Azhar. Azhar has promised 20 hours of power supply, setting up a cricket academy, an university, underpass at Govind Nagar but nothing has been done all these issues.
Besides these allegations a close look at Azhar’s political role in Moradabad also does not look much shining. His party Congress fared badly in all the elections. Congress was hopeful that fielding Azhar from Moradabad will send good message among Muslims and it can reap benefits from the whole Moradabad division. However, leave aside the whole division; it could not win a single assembly seat in Moradabad.
A bye-election was held after four months of Lok Sabha elections in 2009 for Moradabad west seat. Congress candidate Saulat Ali lost to Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Balram Saini. In the general assembly election of the state, Saulat Ali again contested from Kundarki in Moradabad and Azhar’s charisma once again failed to click.
In the local bodies elections also Congress failed. Earlier it had nine corporators in Moradabad but after the election its tally was reduced to eight.

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