5 Types of AAP Critics

14 Mar

A lot of us criticise AAP but there is a difference between criticism and hatchet jobs. Some channels have been grossly unfair to AAP and some of us have been extremely critical of every action of AAP leaders.

I tried to categorize all the critics into different categories, and here is what I came up with –

1. Genuine Critics: these people want AAP to fix their flaws and emerge as a better party. These people are genuinely concerned about the country and they consider AAP as a party that is offering alternative politics.

2. Clueless critics: these people dont know whats happening in the country. They just follow the herd. They criticise because they want to be a part of the herd. They read biased media articles and make lot of noise.

3. Modi Bhakts: these people are worried that AAP will dent the prospects of their God becoming a PM. They cant digest the fact that their God is being challenged by a new party. They cant fathom the idea that their dream of communal India will remain a dream. These are the typical trolls you will come across on social media. They generally have fake/multiple profiles.

4. Paid critics: these people are paid by other parties and corporates to criticise AAP. Most of the media houses and journalists come under this category. Its a matter of their survival. They fear that their shops will shutdown if AAP comes to power.

5. The sycophants : these are the people who glorify dynastic politics or High Command Culture and criticise AAP to earn some brownie points from their masters. They have lost hope in their masters and now they want to do something to stay in the game. 

Try to figure out which one you are and where you should be.

Check where you want to fit and proceed.

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