Credible Alternative

10 Mar

It has been argued that Modi won 3 times in Gujarat because he developed the state or else why would people elect a leader for 3 times.

When I looked at the massive crowds at Arvind Kejriwal’s rallies last week in Gujarat, I realised that Gujaratis elected Modi for lack of options, not because he was developing the state. Its a failure of other parties of Gujarat, especially the Congress, to provide a credible alternative to BJP. And we should also note that there is not a single strong regional party in Gujarat the way we have AIADMK, TMC, TDP or TRS etc.

If we look at the logic that people elected someone for 3 times because they were happy with the leadership, then we should look at left party’s election in West Bengal for 3 decades. The left party was elected continously for 3 decades for lack of options or alternative. When TMC offered an alternative, they ousted the left and elevated the TMC. Its a known fact that left pushed West Bengal into stone-age in their rule. There is a wave of corrupt Jagan in Seemandhra, not because he is a fine administrator, but because there is no credible alternative. People vote for either Jaya or Karunanidhi in Tamilnadu, not because they are good administrator or clean, but because they dont have credible alternative. 

People forget that Gujarat was a developed state much before Modi came on the screen because Gujaratis are entrepreneurial and hard working by nature. Majority of the villages were well connected with roads and had electricity much before Modi was elected as CM. Or it our intellectual bankruptcy or myopia that we fail to see through the lies and propaganda?

Modi’s rise in national politics is nothing but a marketing gimmick and a result of his tacit endorsement of hardline right wing ideology. His claims of development are farce and a pack of lies that are crumbling one after the other.

For the first time in decades, Gujaratis have seen a credible alternative in the form of AAP that can bury the lies of a perennial liar. For the first time Gujaratis have seen a party that can connect with the common man and is for the common man. AAP has delivered where Congress failed – connecting with the common man. And the best part is : ” AAP has offered not just a political alternative. It is offering alternative politics. A politics free of corruption, free of crony capitalism, free of dynastic dominance and much more”.

Lets hope that the money power and muscle power fail to influence the people this time. Lets hope that sense prevails in Gujarat and across India. Lets hope the truth wins over false propaganda. Lets hope that people of India win.

Satyamev Jayate!!!

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