Civic Issues in Hyderabad : Here is what you can do :-)

04 Mar

We have been facing many civic issues in Hyderabad and the only thing that we have done so far is – crib about the inaction of the civic authority for all the issues. Few of us have tried to complaint to the concerned authorities and tried our luck.

One might ask: is there no solution for the perennial civic problems in Hyderabad?

My experience says: Yes there is a solution. 

GHMC administers through the Head Office, 5 Zonal Offices and 18 Circle offices. GHMC provides the following services:
—>Public Health, Sanitation, Street Lighting etc.
—>Provision and maintenance of infrastructure – Roads, Storm Water Drainage, Under Ground Drainage (in Ranga Reddy and Medak), Street Lights, Parks & Play Grounds etc
—>Regulatory activities – building constructions, trade licenses etc
—>Resource mobilization.
—>Implementation of urban poverty alleviation programmes.

GHMC introduced an online Grievance Redressal System and a Call center to empower the citizens of Hyderabad. This portal/contact center can be used by citizens to lodge grievances on various issues.


Once this portal was functional, then GHMC introduced its own Citizen Charter on 10th May 2013 that has Timelines associated with each issue type. The Citizen Charter can be accessed at:

Now the question is : What if the concerned officer is not acting on the Grievance?

Well, these is a possibility that the concerned officer might not take any action on your complaint.

In such scenario, you can try the following:
1. Call the higher Officials and escalate the issue: For contact numbers of higher officials, Visit > Contact Us

2. If the higher officials are not responding to your calls, then you can call the Commissioner’s Office at 040-23224564 and request for intervention

3. If still there is no action, then you can resort to Crowd Complain Concept. Ask all your friends to lodge complaints for the same issue and send an SMS to all the officials involved. Ask your friends to call the higher officials and seek action. A crowd complain concept involves multiple people complaining about the same issue. Then all the people who lodged complaints will start calling the officials involved and send SMS to the officials involved.

4. Use RTI to seek details of action taken on your complaints.

Lets stop cribbing about inaction of officials. Lets start taking the responsibility of fixing our city.

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One response to “Civic Issues in Hyderabad : Here is what you can do :-)

  1. Shreesha

    February 19, 2015 at 11:17 am

    Well done! Ali. I am going to use this information you have provided. There is so much garbage menace in my area. Thank you this information!


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