A guide to “Better class of Citizens”

27 Feb

1. Elect the right leader:
a) Get a voter ID. If you dont have a voter ID, then visit Election Commission’s website and register yourself.
b) Elect the right candidate. Do not vote for criminals and corrupt politicians. To know about you neta, visit: and find out the backgrouod of politicians

2. Educate yourself :
a) Visit to learn about various bills in parliament and their analysis
b) Visit to learn about our parliament, elections, democracy, political and electoral system of the country
c) Read editorials of unbiased newspapers to form your own opinion and understand issues of national concern

3. Empower yourself with RTI:
a) Learn how to use RTI.
b) Visit to learn how you can become an RTI Activist and empower yourself
c) Use RTI to get your grievances addressed

4. Engage with the system:
a) Civic Issues: Fix civic issues in your locality by approaching the Civic authorities. Every Municipal Corporation has a website and Grievance Redressal Mechanism. If you are from a village, then contact the Panchayat officials, Block Development officers and Collector of your district. Use RTI to enfore action. For Hyderabad, its —>

b) Corrupt Cops: If you come across any cop demanding bribe, contact the higher officials (like ACP/DCP) and report the issue. Demand an action. Send a mail to keep it documented. For Hyderabad/Cyberabad Police Contact Details, visit: or and navigate to “Know Your Police Station” section. For other districts of AP, visit

c) Grievances Related to Central Govt: For Grievances related to Central Government Departments, lodge Complaints on portal for Public Grievances( or with Directorate of Public Grievances (Visit: Choose the portal based on the department concerned.

d) Biased Reporting by Media: If you come across any biased reporting by News Channels, then report it to NBA (News Broadcasters Association of India, and Press Council of India( Additionally, call the news channel or news paper and demand an explanation about their biased reporting. All the contact numbers of these media houses are available on their respective websites.

e) Accountability of Banks: If you have any complaints relating to any private sector or public sector bank, and if the bank is not helping you, approach the RBI Ombudsman and lodge a complaint.( RBI Ombudsman comes under RTI purview.

f) Corrupt Govt Officials: If you sense any corruption or wrong-doing on part of any govt official, use RTI to expose corruption and set accountability.

g) Contribute to Nation Building: CGNetSwara ( is reporting many issues from Adivasi areas of different states. Your one phone call or one mail can help fix many issues in remote adivasi villages. This is a great opportunity for us to contribute to nation building.

h) Engage with your Elected Representatives: Engage with your area MLA and MP regularly. Ask them to raise issues in assembly or parliament that concern you. Ask them to support/reject the bills as per the need. All the contact numbers of MPs are available on Loksabha’s website —>

i) Issues Related to RTC: If you come across any issues with RTC buses, call the depot manager and report the issue. The mobile numbers of all the depot managers for APSRTC are available on their website (for Andhra Pradesh, it is —-> Navigate to Contact Us section)

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