Whom does India need? Rahul, Modi or you and me?

10 Feb

India’s obsession with Bollywood, Saas-bahu sagas and Cricket has been replaced with the debate on the next Prime Minister.

After 65 years of independence, it looks like Indians are tired. Indians want a change in the state of affairs. Indians want a system that takes care of them. Indians want a political class that can serve the masses.

And this demand has created a political system that is identity driven, where either a Kejriwal or a Rahul Gandhi or  a Narendra Modi are being perceived as the only saviours of this rotten system.

We, the Indians, are many types. The spectrum of Indians ranges from  the rich, super rich, poor and the poorest, the political and apolitical, Optimists and  Pessimists, the rulers and ruled, the voiceless and the most vocal, the cynical and the hopeful and the last but not the least, the corrupt, the murderers and the rapists et al.

Most of the Indians have turned cynical in last 2-3 decades or and this category of population is swelling as you read this blog, thanks to the selfish political class that has subverted the system repeatedly to deny basic amenities of life to a majority of Indians and made the country almost a failed state.

The question is: does India actually need these politicians or does India need you and me?

Here is what I think-

Most of the Indians want to serve the country. They want to change the things. They want to be a part of a much-awaited revolution. They have a sense of belonging to the spirit of India. The idea of belonging to one of the oldest civilization itself is the most binding of them all. But, the majority dont dare to take the plunge. They are always in perennial wait of a revolutionary who never comes. They are perennially waiting for someone to come to Jantar-Mantar and lead the revolution. They are waiting for some magician to come and swing his magic wand to make all the problems disappear. And the wait is endless.

So, one starts to wonder: is there no end to chaos? Can there be no fix to this rotten system?

Well, the answer is: Yes, there is a way out of this mess.

Then the question is: how?

The answer is simple. Each one of us has to be a revolutionary in our own street. Each one of us should be a CHANGE AGENT of our street. We need to realize and remember that the revolutions are born in streets and revolutions are started by individuals. And hence we need to be “that” revolutionary that India is waiting for.

Then the question arises: how can one be a “Change Agent” or a “revolutionary”?

Here is what you can do:
1. Engage with local civic body to get the basic issues fixed in your street, like roads, street lights, garbage issues and drainage overflows. If the authorities are not fixing the issues, use RTI to set the accountability.

2. Ensure that you have all your documents when you go out – like your driving license,  RC book etc and follow traffic rules so that you dont have to bribe that traffic cop at signal. If you com across any cops taking bribes, immediately call the area ACP/DCP and report it. Follow up to ensure action is initiated.

3. If you come across any issues with RTC buses, call the depot manager and report the issue. The mobile numbers of all the depot managers for APSRTC are available on their website (

4. If you dont have a voter ID or a PAN card or a driving license,  apply for one today and use RTI in case of any delayed service. Ensure that you dont violate any laws of the land that might land you into trouble. Better be safe than sorry.

5. If you find any media house reporting incorrect information, immediately escalate the issue to News Broadcasting Association (NBA) and demand an action/explanation.

6. If you sense any corruption or wrong-doing on part of any govt official, use RTI to expose corruption and set accountability.

7. CGNetSwara is reporting many issues from Adivasi area. Your one phone call or one mail can help fix many issues in remote adivasi villages. This is a great opportunity for us to contribute in nation building.

8. If any auto-rickshaw demands extra money, call traffic control room and report the issue (applicable to Hyderabad and Bangalore, not sure about other cities).

9. Learn how to use RTI and teach people around you, in your street, to use RTI to solve their problems.

10. Engage with your area MLA and MP regularly. Ask them to raise issues in assembly or parliament that concern you. Ask them to support/reject the bills as per the need.

I am confident of each one of us starts working on these 10 things, we will see an India of our dreams. An India where opportunistic politicians are reduced to nominal figures and the real power percolates down to the lowest strata of society.

Jai Hind!


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2 responses to “Whom does India need? Rahul, Modi or you and me?

  1. sadiyahoor

    February 10, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    i found it really encouraging the involvement of every common and individual citizen is a must to really see “our dream india”, and im quite sure as long as we have responsible citizens like you we will definately progress no doubt

  2. Viswanatha Sharma

    February 11, 2014 at 8:02 am

    well drafted..

    its individual dscpln first and den follows our work for nation..


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