The Outraging Indian..!!!

21 Dec

Entire India is outraged when a woman, named Devyani Khobragade, accused of exploiting her maid, getting the maid’s family arrested illegally backhome, and illegally acquiring a flat in Adarsh Society that was intended for Kargil War Heroes, is arrested, handcuffed and strip searched in another country.

On the other hand, we turned a blind eye when the likes of Soni Sori, Sheetal Sathe or Irom Sharmila were subjected to torture, sexual assault, arrest and illegal detainment in police custody on the soil of India. And what did these women do? They stood up for poor and the have-nots. They fought for the rights of voice-less.


Where was your outrage and anguish when these women were humiliated? Why are you silent on these humiliations?

Look at you, the outraging Indian!!!

Let me tell you this… I wish you could realize…your outrage is not for Devyani. Your outrage is not for the country’s humiliation. Looks like as per your standards, India is humiliated only on a foreign soil when a corrupt elite is arrested. As per you, torture of women on the soil of India is not humiliation at all. In fact, thats what we do, thats our culture. Isn’t it?

You outrage because its one of you, the elite, the privileged, who is at the receiving end. Devyani is one of you who has flouted the law shamelessly and tried to subvert the system. And, was caught in a foreign land. And you stand exposed. So you outrage… Phew!!!

Would you have outraged if the maid was arrested and strip searched instead of Devyani? No you wouldn’t. Because the maid is not one of you. The maid is not even considered a human.

Such a fake pride and fake honour that we fight for… and we live for. And we die (?) for.

There I said it. Now, go fly kites. Enjoy your weekend. Go munch the pop-corn. Enjoy your multiplex visit. Let the country go to dogs. You stick to your outrage only when it suits you.

Long Live Hypocrisy and Long Live Double Standards of India !!!

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