Mockery of Satyagraha:

17 Oct

Satyagraha, a non-violent protest, and the most powerful weapon of a common man, a weapon that toppled 200 year old British empire in India, is considered to be one of the most sacred way of protest by commoners. And fasting (many a times fast-unto-death) has become an integral part of such non-violent protests.

Of late, this tool has been hijacked and mis-used by politicians for their vicious and selfish agendas. A trend can be observed in such fasts that are purely used for political blackmailing and nothing else. And media (add “paid” as a prefix) makes a further mockery by non-stop coverage of such fake and malicious fasts by politicians.

The biggest failure of our democracy is that we allowed these politicians to hijack the weapons of a common man. Our apathy towards genuine fasts has encouraged these intellectually and morally bankrupt politicians to indulge in mockery of Satyagraha. We allowed them to make a mockery of our legitimate rights.

While fasts by common citizens like Irom Sharmila(never heard the name? go Google it), who has been fasting for more almost 13  years(since 2nd Nov 2000), are completely ignored by national media (including citizens), corrupt politicians like Naidu and Jagan get full coverage by media. Moreover, activists like Irom Sharmila are put on trial for attempted suicide, and  politicians on fast become the darlings of media. And you will be shocked to know that Irom Sharmila is not presented in court on the day of trial and her lawyers are absent too!


If people like Naidu and Jagan  or their ilk would not have looted this country/state, things would have been really different in Andhra Pradesh. And if anyone believes that these two opportunists are fighting for people, then I say “Go fly kites”. These guys are just saving their own political careers and cozy seats. They are least concerned about the common man and his issues.

Its the responsibility of every citizen to  discourage such politically motivated fasts that serve individual vicious agendas and nothing else. Next time you see a politician fasting with huge publicity, find out what purpose that fasts serves to him.

Every such politician who initiates such fasts should be put on trial for attempting suicide. And media should not cover such fasts to ensure that these fasts die their own slow and natural death.

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