Better Politicians or Better Citizens?

12 Jul

“This town deserves a better class of criminal” – says the Joker in the movie ‘The Dark Knight’. I wonder if there are different classes of criminals. I guess they all are same, just criminals. Except, if you want to divide them into the categories based on the size of their crimes.


Ever wondered why we are one of the most corrupt country on planet earth? Ever wondered why we cant have a clean system? Read on…

We, the reluctant and ranting Indians, have been constantly demanding better class of politicians since we drove away Britishers and proclaimed ourselves as Independent and democratic nation. We won our freedom after fighting for almost 90 years (1857-1947). We won our freedom in a very unique way that still stands as a role model for the entire world. But, We have spent last 66 years debating, discussing, arguing and fighting for better politicians… Politicians who are not corrupted, who are not communal, who are not biased for one caste or a religion or a region. Politicians who can steer our country on the path of growth and make India a better country to live.

And the irony is : we always got the exact opposite breed of rulers. Government after government, post-independence, is full of criminals, bigots, murderers, rapists, thugs and hate-mongers. In fact, if you don’t belong to any one of these categories, you fail to win elections in most parts of this country. Every political party considers these criminals as its crown jewels and honors them with plush positions.

Where did we fail? What is the root cause of this horrible situation we are in? What made this country a nation ruled by thugs and murderer?

The answer is very simple. Independent India always needed better class of citizens, not better class of politicians. India always needed citizens who are compliant to rule of law. India needed citizens who are not ready pay bribes to circumvent the laws and get favors or to escape from punishment for their crimes.

Take a simple example of traffic violations: we violate the traffic rules and then we bribe the cops to escape the law. We fail to have a driving license or fail to produce the necessary documents of our vehicle or we park in a no-parking zone. And then, we pay bribes to escape the law. So I would say, we, the citizens, are the primary initiators of corruption. We are creating corrupt cops. Imagine everyone complying to the traffic rules. We don’t have to pay any bribes to cops. So we are not creating any corrupt cops if we are compliant.

And after creating a corrupt system, we claim to be patriots. And we complain of a corrupt system that was very much created by us.

The need of the hour is to stop bribing to get favor. We should start being compliant with the laws.
Once we are compliant, we should start participating in creating a better democracy. We should start utilizing our fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution. And when we are compliant and aware of our rights, we will have better class of citizens and then a better class of politicians.

India needs better class of citizens, not better class of politicians. India needs true patriots. India needs freedom fighters again!!!

Jai Hind!!!



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One response to “Better Politicians or Better Citizens?

  1. vamsi krishna tellakula

    July 12, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    Exactly . A hard Truth..We Indians are big time hypocrites.


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